Strategic Planning

Look For Water Before You're Thirsty

Whether you are a new or existing enterprise, ours is a time of constant change. Whether from technology, customers, or new players in the marketplace, Y-VAS can help you identify the symptoms of these changes so you can anticipate the disruption or create it yourself. As you and your team become comfortable with an adaptive model, you will not want to go back to status quo-land.

An adaptive business strategy incorporates learning from the past with looking ahead to the future for emerging trends. Just as being ‘present’ is important in our personal lives, so it is in the business world; it is not possible to be present without full awareness of the environment in which we operate and purposefully navigate.

Product Development

Dream, Design, Deliver

You have an idea but no time or resources to develop it. You know how you want your customer to feel and how you want it to reflect on your bottom line, but tying those two deliverables together can be daunting. Y-VAS understands the challenges faced as well as the competing priorities; we can combine your ideas with our methodologies to develop new ideas and concepts. Y-VAS will help you:

  • - Articulate your ideas clearly and effectively
  • Design
  • - Animate the product or service, its target customers, and delivery methods
  • - Research and quantify the resources needed to bring it to market
  • - Test / innovate / iterate / prototype variations until the right solution is found
  • Deliver
  • - Implement the new product and track its performance

Process Advancement

Find New Solutions

Performing repetitive tasks in a sub-optimal way may be easier than investing in making it the best it can be, but the payoff can materialize in time and/or savings. Your corporate culture is reflected in every process, every procedure, and every employee; don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities of challenging your technology or employee’s abilities.

Y-VAS' understanding of process flows allows us to improve and simplify existing processes, ensuring the resources and systems, and how they interact with each other are aligned with objectives. Y-VAS is adept at generating innovative solutions while improving on existing multi-faceted processes using a creative vision as well as focus and attention to detail. The results will surprise you and your employees' engagement will improve as their contributions and skillset continues to grow.

Sales Optimization

Improve Your Reach

Are you hiring the right people? The first step in sales optimization is hiring the right people – both salespeople and managers. Y-VAS develops a thorough understanding of the differentiating factors of the institution, its products, target customers and the best way to reach them.

Whether it’s the recruitment and development of the sales team, development and implementation of product suites, sales processes, training, compensation models, or management dashboards to monitor the appropriate metrics, Y-VAS is deeply committed to how sales team, customer, and technology interact to drive effectiveness of the sales team.

Project Management

Focus On Transformative Projects

To keep your project list clean and focused, you must first whittle it down to the essential ones – only the ones that will transform your business. Define transformational in your organization to keep a discipline of which projects are truly essential. Once you have a true project list, bring Y-VAS’ experienced skilled project staff to manage them based on your requirements and pre-defined milestones, with the necessary input from your staff but not interfering with their ongoing responsibilities.

A strict front-end discipline makes the decision-making of prioritizing and selecting projects to tackle an easily accomplished task, honing you into the transformational projects that justify investment of resources to bring them to completion.

Human Capital

Invest In People

New talent entering the workforce is impacting the way business is done more than ever before. The corporate culture must permeate throughout the environment but also be open and welcoming to incorporate the latest trends that will make your talented employees stay more engaged, committed, and gfl-row in your organization.

Y-Vas can help with your initiatives in talent coaching, change management, diversity training, social responsibility planning, team-building, and human resources policies. Don’t be left behind by talented employees, gain a better understanding of their priorities, interests, and how they can maximize their contribution to your organization. Our collaborators in the area of Human Capital have years of experience as well as forward-looking view to help you navigate this most important area.

Technology Implementation

Leverage Existing Capacity

The fastest changing field impacting all organizations is technology; what are the new tools and how can you maximize their use without losing the personal contact with your customer? Cloud-based solutions can generate significant savings when implemented in a well deliberate and effective way.

When searching for a new technology tool, or if simply looking to evaluate your current set-up, Y-VAS can help with the full process timeline of bringing on new technology - from solution search through implementation. Experienced consultants can help bridge the divide between business and technology – understanding the competing demands and limitations of both to bring forth a satisfactory and timely implementation of your solution. Y-VAS collaborates with extensively experienced Microsoft ERM Solutions Providers to bring you this service.

Financial Services

Whether it’s retail banking, brokerage, asset management, or insurance, Y-VAS is experience in starting, growing, and operating firms in these industries. Our solutions focus on finding sustainable results, focusing on your competitive differences, your customers' priorities, and values. Traditional business models are being interrupted by new innovative thinking and technology; participate in this new approach by bringing Y-VAS in and exploring the possibilities based on your target customers and desired outcomes.

Some of the industry-specific solutions which Y-VAS can help you implement include:

  • - Sales Process development and training
  • - Customer Relationship Management Systems implementation
  • - Research and quantify the resources needed to bring it to market
  • - Compensation strategies aligned with business model
  • - Clearing/custodian firm transition management
  • - Business Analytics Dashboard development
  • - Wealth Management best practices
  • - Investment Process / Asset Allocation Model Development
  • - CRA Activity development and implementation