We live by our belief in the power of collaboration – we are actively looking for and developing area experts to join the ranks of our team. Y-VAS’ commitment is to manage the team of collaborators in the execution of your project.

Changes in the job and corporate environment have facilitated access to experienced talent for project-based work. Y-VAS’ network of collaborators, specialists in their own areas, are motivated to help you with your projects / initiatives / products, etc. and help Y-VAS offer solutions that maximize impact.

Y-VAS also works with third-party contributors, a wide network of established firms who work with Y-VAS in a holistic approach to encompass a wider range of disciplines and competencies in completing a project.

Become a Collaborator

We're On the Lookout

Y-VAS is on the lookout for collaborators. So if you are talented, experienced, independent, adaptable, and flexible, you may be interested in joining our team. Other characteristics we seek in potential collaborators include:

  • - Collaborators seek efficient solutions to complex problems.
  • Independent Motivation
  • - Collaborators are introspective, energetic, and persistent.
  • Team Orientation
  • - Collaborators believe in syngerism. While capable of working independently, they can also thrive as part of team focused on accomplishing a specific goal or task.
  • Growth Mindset
  • - Collaborators believe in self-improvement, are hungry for knowledge, are excellent listeners, and possess a growth mindset.
  • Gritty
  • - Collaborators possess grit, which enables them to question establishment thinking towards the accomplishment of a specific goal or task.